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it's coming back to bite me in the ass 
11:44pm 03/10/2011
  after a long time of regular --- or rather, semi-regular sleep patterns, my insomnia is creeping up on me slowly. i cant afford it. it lowers my functionality during the day and raises my chances of losing my job. i dont see the doc until wednesday. im going to ask her for melotonin or something. i use music therapy and aromatherapy regularly, as well as try to keep a regular temperature balance in the room. i usually take a shower and lie down, but my showers have been getting later and later and im not any more tired. any suggestions (if you're reading this and you haven't fixed your sleeping problem yet)?  
12:07pm 09/05/2010
  Please if odd topics and conspiracy "theories" or the spernatural interest you then check my community profile and add if you wish anti_pc_haven it's very active and quite fun thus far. Peace.

now some amusement:
03:13am 06/01/2008
  my xanax was used up last night. with me, it doesnt stick around in my body. it flushes out the next day. i just need to talk until we're both too zonked to think. I'm almost there already. any takers?  
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Related Community: Healthier Sleep Reduction 
12:49am 30/12/2007

Sleep for as few as 2 hours a day!

Looking for a healther way to get less sleep? Why not try Uberman's Sleep Schedule? ...Then discuss your results in the brand new community for polyphasic sleep!


While Polyphasic Sleeping isn't directly related to insomnia, there have been claims that following an Uberman Sleep Schedule can correct sleeping disorders.

It has been said that, "If you have sleep disorders like nightmares, night terrors, mid-sleep choking fits, thrashing, muscle soreness or sleepwalking, this will probably flat-out cure you. I had many of the above, and they all disappeared on me virtually overnight."

And also, "(Pros:) Evaporation of sleep disorders. At the time I started this schedule, I was sleep-walking, talking, had rampant recurring insomnia, nightmares, night terrors (try punching a cinderblock wall in your sleep...mmmm) and lord knows what else. All of them went away within the first week. And, oddly enough, they never really came back...I've had small bouts of one or another since then, but nothing like the hell that sleeping had been for me for a couple years before I tried this."

So this comm might be of interest, perhaps?
03:10am 19/10/2007
  ***Please Please Please repost this!!!***

Hi All!

As many of you know, I've been working for over 2 yrs with the National Sleep Foundation to create a program for Drowsy Driving Awareness. Well it's finally come to fruition and the first annual NATIONAL DROWSY DRIVING AWARENESS WEEK is happening NOV 5-11

Now we need your help...

1. Educate yourself and make a rule to never drive tired and to never let those around you get behind the wheel this way.


2. Help us convince Congress to advocate with us:


3. Print and post one (or more!) flyers around your classrooms, your work, your school, your gym, and anywhere else you go. Any sign could save someone's life. (Ohio State Students: Remember, OSU gives students 50 free prints at any computer lab with their BuckID... use them!)


4. Forward this to anyone and everyone! Remind them that you want them driving safely!

Thanks so much,

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06:23pm 17/08/2007

Are people really supposed to sleep? If I didn't have to sleep I wouldn't. I um...find insomnia fun. Why waste your time sleeping? I wonder if there's a possible way to reverse the need for sleep. hah, I'll have to look into this. I also wonder if I can just take ....something and sleep for an hour then spend the rest of the time awake. I sleep too much already, and I dont know but I like to dream, that's the problem. Dreams arent that exciting anyways although some people get into it. Dreaming is a waste of time....it's fun to dream but why not dream and stay awake too...or something...people need to give themselves a rest. it makes sense. but i would love to just never have to sleep.

07:49pm 12/06/2007
mood: Overtired
Overtired of myself and my life.
Slept 15 hours in the last 12 days.
I'm so tired I just wanna sleep, feeling sick and out of focus.
Chronic stomachache and nausea are the result of my Insomnia.
But I don't wanna go to a neurologist, he'll give me pills...
..but I already take TOO much pills for someone of my age.
Today I was in the theme park "Phantasialand" (Brühl = Germany)
I was on every switchback and rollercoaster..I love Adrenaline,
but I'm so tired now..I tried to sleep ..my eyes are falling down..
..I'm tired..but I CAN'T sleep. Oh God Please Let Me S-L-E-E-P.
12:49am 20/02/2007
  Greetings and salutations! I am Jake. And my insomnia is driving me crazy! Its been going on for maybe the last 6 months. I went in to see a pulmonary specialist last month because I had surgery in December, and the surgeon said he suspected that I had sleep apnea, and the pulmonary doctor suspects the same thing, so I'm going in for a sleep study in a week. But anyways, I'm thinking that the fact that I can't sleep is something seperate and distinct. Anyways, I'm giving in and calling my primary doc (who I really dislike, thats why I've been putting off going in and making an appointment, trying to find a new doc that I will like better, but thats another story), to see if there are some options in whether or not I can take some sleeping pills or what not. But I must say, you get to see a very different side of the world at this time of the day. And there are some very interesting infomercials out there. I've been so bored that I've decided that I should build an air-purifying-salad-tossing-slice-'em-up-dice-'em-up-vacuum-cleaner-blenders-that-helps-you-do-your-taxes-while-helping-you-lose-weight. Anyways, just wanted to make my presence known...  
05:18pm 14/12/2006

anoninsomnia is a personal, anonymous journal where I express the thoughts insomnia create.
I'm hoping to be an extremely unique, and successful journal.

It would be much appreciated if you were to take a look at my profile, and "friends only" page, where there is a little more information on what I'm doing, and why.

Thank you.
12:23am 02/12/2006
  cant sleep. i havent had this problem in along time. melotonin's been wearing off recently. i'm breaking shabbos, but i hardly give a shit anymore. im really fucked up mentally and physically. i mean ehre the hell is god if he's not going to help? acch.  
12:44am 04/04/2006
  last night i went to bed at 6 in the morning. i cant revert to this again. not now. im travelling to israel on wed, and this PLUS the time difference will totally screw up my system. did any of you solve your problem only to have it come back again later?  
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02:35am 25/02/2006
  grrrr. i hate breaking shabbos. and i cant sleep. evr haapen to you when you sleep for a long time, wake up randomly and never get to sleep again? yeah.  
02:03pm 05/01/2006
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06:21pm 29/06/2005
  I haven't been on lately because I've been SLEEPING!!!!!! Get yourselves some lavender body wash (available at bath and body works) and simply apply liberally in the shower. When you get out, apply an extra washcoth of lavender scent (from the wash) on your face and neck. Helps a lot!  
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12:22am 04/06/2005
  I can't sleep tonight. big surprise. also a religious holiday, not supposed to be using electricity. oops. I'm bored and suicidal. Not a joke. I've tried calling the hotline, taking a shower, reading a book, reading jokes, etc. but im still thinking of going back to that cologne bottle...  
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12:45am 30/04/2005
  i feel really bad for this, as i am breaking chag and shabbos - but i have a cheter - anyway, tonight i've tried reading for hours at a time, listening to soothing music, trying self-hypnosis (yes, i know how to do that) and none of these helped. I don't wanna chat, cause that would lead me to more sleepless hours. what do y'all do?

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06:45am 23/02/2005
mood: restless
Just found this community by doing a search on insomnia on Live Journal. It's now 6:30AM Central time, and I have class in about 2.5 hours. I'm seriously debating on skipping it and just sleeping till my lab at 2pm. I just posted a somewhat lengthy entry in my journal about my messed up sleeping patter. Not sure what else to write in here... so I'll just stop now and get some sleep, or at least try. Doesn't seem like anyone responds to posts in here much anyways.
06:10am 08/02/2005
  my sleep is so fucked up right now. more than usual, i mean. I went to bed at 9 Saturday night, didnt get to sleep until 12:30 and woke up at 3. No naps sunday, superbowl, simpsons, and american dad. Went to sleep around 12:30 again. slept until 1:30 today, missing my first day of class. fuck.  
04:33am 05/02/2005
  I suppose a proper introduction is appropriate at 4:33am.
Hi, I'm Lindsay and I'm an insomniac. I live in residence at a university and everybody's sleeping. On a Friday night. I mean, honestly.
If you're awake, feel free to IM me: iaqsc.
I'm bored.
Another Newbie ... 
02:04am 17/01/2005
mood: grumpy
It is a little past 2am and I am wide awake. Usually am. It doesnt matter how tired I am during the day, at about 8 or 9am I become wide awake and do not feel tired at all. I have been tried on all sorts of sleeping medication (ambien, seroquel, vistiril, trazadone ... to name just a few). I dont know if this is going to be one of the nights that I drift off at 4am or if I am going to stay awake straight through. My sleeping issues create the biggest problem for me because I am in college and, when I finally do get to sleep when the sun is coming up, it is hard to make it to my classes. I have had trouble so many semesters because of that - and I am struggling to make it to my 11am class now because my body wants to sleep from 7am to noon. Ahhhhh, Im flippin crazy!